The girl behind the Computer Screen.

Hey, its Danyell! I like to put my life on the internet, and someday I want to make a living being techy and doing what I love. This is my little online space where I share my daily happenings, new things I learn, and all kinds of bits and bobs. I like to write about my journaling habits, new apps that I'm loving, blogging tips, my current health kicks, and anything that pops into my head. I am especially obsessed with sharing all of these little happy moments of my life via video content on my YouTube channel.

I'm creative and, according to my sisters, a little weird. I like being silly, laughing, and smiling. I enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures. I love teaching, organizing, reading, and learning. When asked to describe myself in three words I say hard-working, fun loving, and self motivated!

I'm a 23 year old coffee addict, book lover, and midnight wine drinker. I started blogging when I created my personal blog in the summer of 2013 and fell in love with technology and the online world from that moment on.  I also have been featured on WeAreIU, The New Blak, and IT Training Tips. In my spare time I enjoys reading, going to the movies, and laughing at whatever makes me smile. Some of my goals include learning another language, filling an entire journal, reading at least 12 books a year, and so much more.

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