Do you love it?

Copied from my old blog:

Well what a late night it is my critters!
I have been up all night changing around my blog and experimenting with new things. The more that I edit it the more I begin to like it. The changes I make really customize it and make it mine; however, I am trying to keep the focus on my posts because that is why you are all coming here right. Haha! I hate going to read blogs and they are so overdone with things flying around and links taking you here and there so often that you begin to not be able to tell whats what. This blog is focusing on my writing and videos and my interactions with you all, critters. I want to make sure it is still simple to navigate and fun to look at. Am I doing a good job?
I think I should finally crawl into bed now because it is just too late for me to be up. I am not really tired but I know I will be in the morning so, goodnight to you all!
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I love you all! Peace out!