Movie Review- The Hunger Games

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I am very sorry it is so late my critters!
However, as promised, SkyCzar and I filmed a movie review for you all to see and enjoy. This past week we watched the movie The Hunger Games on Netflix because Sky had yet to see it or read the book (and with the new one coming out soon, I pressured him into watching it to catch up). Anyways, in the video below you will see our rankings of the movie on a 10 point scale, our opinions of the cast, the plot, and my opinion on the relationship between the book and the movie.
SkyCzar gave The Hunger Games a 6 and I ranked it at a 7. We both agreed that casting Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was a good decision and thought she did well in her role. However, Sky really did not like the actor who was cast a Peeta because of his "skronny-ness." Considering the fact that Peeta is supposed to throw one hundred pound bags of flour, he assumed that they should have put someone in that role who was a built a little more large naturally. I think that Peeta isn't supposed to really look like that macho guy, but different people have different opinions. Sky and I both agreed on the plot line being particularly good. It is appealing to both males and females because of the contrast between action and more chilled out scenes. My only negative would have been the relationship that it had to the book because the movie did a very poor job giving any back up details or even going in depth on anything in general. Also the mocking jay pin was portrayed very badly and not anything like what the book had depicted.
For more information on our thoughts, and the full review from SkyCzar and I, check out the video linked below.
If you have watched The Hunger Games, what did you think of it? Also, what movie do you think Sky and I should watch this coming week? And don't forget to leave questions below for SkyCzar and I to answer in an upcoming video about our relationship!
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