My Work Outfit

Copied from my old blog:

Well good day critters!
I hope you all are having a very eventful afternoon. I know I am not! Well anyways, I just got off work and wanted to upload some of the pictures I took before I left. I had intended on showing you my outfit before, but I didn't have enough time because I procrastinated too long, as always.
I like showing you my outfits because they look so perrrty! This isn't necessarily an outfit of the day because I only wore it to work and took it off after, so I have decided not to call it one. I still hope you enjoy anyways!
The flowy shirt that I am wearing you have all seen before in my first OOTD post. It is from Wet Seal. I got it awhile back while it was on sale so I do not think they carry it anymore. I like it a lot because it can be worn in the winter or summer depending on if I throw a jacket over it or not. However, it is a bit of a belly shirt, so I either have to plan on having that stick out haha, or wear it with something high waisted.
My simple dark jeans are high waisted, and I got them from Urban Outfitters. I like them a lot because they are so comfy and really help show off my super long legs. I can't wait to save up some more money and purchase another pair (except flare instead of skinny), but I do have to save because they are rather pricey!
The shoes that I am wearing are some basic gladiator style sandals. I have had them for about 5 years so they are pretty worn down. I actually just checked Journey's to see if they carried them anymore, and the guy working there told me that he didn't think they did. So sad!
For jewelry, I am only wearing a spiky gold bracelet that I got at Charlotte Russe.

Do you like this outfit? I sure did, and everyone at Charlotte enjoyed it too!
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I love you all! Peace OUT