Putting Things Off

Copied from my old blog:

What a lovely day it is critters, welcome!
With my boyfriend gone until 5pm and nothing that I truly have to do (like homework or work), I find myself putting all the little things off that I really should be getting completed. For example, I went back to my hometown this past weekend and the pile of clothes that I took with me are still sitting on the chair. I avoid doing anything that has to do with cleaning or organizing lately, which is really silly because I normally love that stuff. Are you guys ever like that? Do you ever just keep putting stuff off? Put your responses in the comment section below.
Well, today I am determined! I have decided that I will get back in the routine of flylady. You don't know what flylady is?! Oh lordy, you must check it out. Just click this link: flylady.net (I am not affiliated with the flylady company in any way), and she can help you transform your lifestyle. I am a huge organization guru, and I love how she puts everything out there for her members. It is free to join, and you can even sign up to get email reminders when you have things to do. Sooooo, no more blogging (Did I scare you? Okay, no more blogging for like a couple hours)! I am going to get a routine started, and finally get back to a productive life.
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I love you all! Peace OUT