Too Much Bad News

Copied from my old blog:

It's a late night critters!
And I have bad news on top of bad news. First off, I just want to apologize that I probably will not be chatting and updating with you all until later on Tuesday due to the memorial weekend that I am so lucky to have free with Sky. That's bad news number one.
Bad news number two: SkyCzar and I are unable to film a movie review for today's posting so we might be doing one tomorrow. It turns out it is hard enough to get my schedule to work out well enough for optimal time to film, edit, and post, let alone attempting to make everything coincide with Sky's busier schedule! So, a movie review will be coming soon, but I am not quite sure when.
Please don't hate me. I promise I am trying my best to keep up to date with all my critters, and as always...
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I love you all! Peace OUT