Our New Apartment!

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Good evening critters!
So, Sky and I are finally moved in! Today, I filmed some footage for you all so see in order to give a quick tour of our new home. I plan on filming a new video every day this week of more in depth looks of specific parts of this new apartment. So far, Sky and I are loving it.
Conveniently linked below is a video of everything that I am going to tell you now.
When you first walk into the apartment you will step in to our shared living room. The furniture is not ours, and I believe that it actually comes with the apartment. The reason I said that it is a shared living room is because we have two other roommates. SkyCzar and I are subleasing this apartment temporarily from one of his friends. However, only one of the roommates is actually staying here over the summer with us. Either way, we enjoy the new and improved living room in this space and don't mind sharing anything at all.
Actually, when you walk in the door the living room is on your right side, and then, when you turn to your left you will be in the kitchen and eating area. We have a small table set up for if we would like to sit down and eat, but past that is the actually kitchen area. It is a huge upgrade from our previous Kitchen because it surrounds you on three sides rather than just being lined up on one wall. The space is not enormous or anything I want to be living in when I have a family; however, as of now, it suits the needs of Sky and I.
In this apartment there are three nice sized bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and closet. Sky and I's room is right around the corner from the kitchen. It is decent size enough for two desks, a dresser, and our (upgraded) queen sized bed. We love the fact that this apartment has carpeting because it is way more comfy for ourselves and Zoey. In the bedroom, we keep Zoey's crate stored away under our bed that way when she needs to go inside for rest she is still nearby. The walls are kind of plain, but I believe thats just the way it is when you're living in a building that isn't yours. Some day, we will be able to make a space we can call our own and spruce it up the way that we want. But for now, this accommodation is working nicely.
Thankfully, ever bedroom has their very own bathroom. I can't really go into much detail about this room because, well, a bathroom is a bathroom. There's not much more explaining than that. I am really happy with it though because it is definitely so much larger than our old one. This one actually has a full bath, as well as, plenty of storage space!
And finally, the last room of the house {besides our roommates bedrooms} is our walk-in closet! Oh yes, I said walk-in. This is probably my favorite room in the house. I have plenty of space for all my clothing, plus Sky's, some storage, AND a huge dresser! There is even enough room to walk around in there after everything is put inside. This closet is a nice space for all of my clothes to go along with the things that I don't need out or don't want guests to see.
All-in-all, I am happy with our new apartment. Living in a bigger space gets me excited about having my very own house to call all mine. I can't wait to be able to paint, decorate, and organize the way that I want to. I know that things in this apartment are still not set in stone, furniture will move, new ideas for storage and the little bit of decorating I can do will come to mind, and within the little amount of time that we are here, our lives will shape and grow.
Stay tuned for my installments of my new apartment this week. You can plan to check back every day for another more detailed look at specific parts of this home.
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I love you all! Peace OUT

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