Thanksgiving 2016

Trevor and I made the trip all the way back to Indiana for Thanksgiving with my family. My parent's were hosting for the entire extended clan!! This was time for Trevor to meet EVERYONE. We had a great time and loved every moment that we could spend with my family.

We left on Wednesday right after work, and wound up arriving at Indiana around 1:30am. We stayed up late that night talking to my parents and sisters simply enjoying everyone being together again for the first time in quite a while.

Thursday morning meant doing some quick and final pick-ups around the house, as well as, some delicious breakfast. Then helping Mom cook the big meal, and making sure Dad had enough wood for the fire. Trevor helped out my Dad which gave them a nice bonding moment. We also helped my Mom make tooonnnnsss of caramel corn, and I think that she really loved the opportunity to share a recipe with me.

Friday was spent shopping! We didn't go black Friday shopping per say, but we decided to swing up to a mall and check some stuff out. Trevor and I took this trip with my mom, and it was a blast.

On Saturday, my littlest sister had a basketball game. I haven't seen her play in a very long time, and made me happy to see the high school again. A lot has changed, but I felt so good about being grown up and coming back to show my old town who I've become.

Finally, Sunday was spent with a lot of sad goodbyes. Knowing that I will be back home for Christmas very soon made everything a lot better. My dad made waffles in the morning per Trevor's request, and my grandma and aunt came over to send us off as well. I loved hugging everyone that was there and was thankful to have such an amazing family to send me off.

Trevor and I had another long drive, but we enjoy each others company. We talked about the weekend, what we were thankful for, and how happy we were to be spending the holidays together.