Blogmas Day 8 - I love wine

Welcome to Blogmas, a journal of images and collection of thoughts starting the first of December until Christmas! You can expect a new post every morning of what I accomplished the day before. I am hoping that these posts can be a nice way for me to document this holiday away from family via pictures and little videos.

Nothing too exciting happened this beautiful, cold Thursday. When I got home from work I instantly started making myself some rice. I have a whole bunch of the easy, pre-seasoned packages that only take about 7 minutes to cook on the stove-top. I love to make rice on days when I don't really feel like cooking a dinner.

While I cooked and ate, Trevor played with friends online. I got to relax and watch some tv, and do some other online work. So, while relaxing, I poured myself a good glass of wine.

When I was home in Indiana last (over Thanksgiving), I bought as many bottles of Oliver Winery Soft Red Wine that our small town liquor store had. It is my absolute favorite wine, and sadly, I can't get it in Kansas. I bought three bottles while back home, and I'm already out!! I had my last bottle of wine last night. Next time I go home for Christmas I am hoping that the liquor store has a lot more.

I really need to go wine tasting here in Kansas so that I can find something else that I like.