My website changed

Have you noticed that this blog changed? Actually, look at your URL... That changed too!!! I switched hosting sites and got a domain! It was time for my little online space to grow up a little bit more. Remember my transition from this site about a year ago? It was a big deal!! My blog grew up a lot then, but my plan wasn't done there. We are still growing, and probably always will be.

So, here's the story--my blog used to be Danyzell's Blog, which was cool and awesome and allowed me to learn and grow. But one day I decided that I wanted to be more professional and take my blog a lot more seriously, so I moved from Danyzell's Blog to plain old Danyell Bailey's Blog. A lot changed, including my blogspot url and my layout.

I still love my layout. As you can tell, I basically replicated it here. But now, I am no longer using Blogger. Blogger is a free blog hosting platform owned by Google that allows practically anyone to create a really simple blog with almost no work or knowledge of coding for free. I would recommend Blogger to anyone looking to start a blog.

But for me, I needed more. I graduated college with an Informatics degree for Pete's Sake! I should be able to code a little bit of my site and make it into something spectacular! So, here we are--on Squarespace.

Welcome to Squarespace.

Squarespace is about blogging, but not entirely. It focuses on creating amazing websites and even has functionality for ecommerce. In contrast, Blogger ONLY dealt with blogging. There was no capability to create some other homepage, and any other page creation at all had to be very simple. 

However, Blogger was free, but Squarespace is not. That means that I am now paying for these extra features every year, and I am also paying for my fancy domain name. Did you notice that the url is now! How professional! And that's exactly what I needed. I wanted something really professional, adult-looking, and that more clearly represented the techy person that I am.

As my own life is changing and growing I've discovered that a simple website like my Blogger one won't be able to organize, tackle, and keep me OCD mind sane.

What this means for you.

I wanted to use Squarespace to help me create an actual homepage that was more than just a blog. I wanted to house my online portfolio, start organizing my blog posts better (hello categories AND tags), and create one online area that would encompass all parts of my life. My ultimate goal for this website is to create an "everything Danyell Bailey hub."

So, for you this doesn't really mean much. It simply means that you can check in to anytime you want to catch up on whatever I'm doing. I plan on having more videos, more pictures, and even more lifestyle content to keep my family in touch with me as I make this adult transition. 

Also, I think that my blog is going to keep getting more and more personal. I hope to share vlogs, travel pictures, and little journal entires on here from time to time. The only thing that I ask of you is to keep in contact! Comment often!!!