Apr 17 - 23 | Weekly Vlog

This week we didn't vlog much so we decided to play a game instead. We hope you like these games, read more and watch the video for all the fun!

Hello Danyell,ย I wanted to take this time to tell you how much I love you. Even though you might have said it first, I know I loved you before. I thought at first, how could I love this amazing girl so fast? But I am realizing, that it doesnโ€™t matter who loved who first, but that we love each other. Sometimes I feel like I love you the most a person could love another person, but everyday you make me fall in love with you more. The way you laugh, the way you smile, the way you smell. The small things you do every day makes me fall in love with you more than the day before. Donโ€™t ever change! I mean that as a lazy word. I know we will change, as best friends, as boyfriend & girlfriend, as lovers, but the thing I fell in love most is you! Not just your amazing smile, or you cute laugh, or even your amazingly good looks, but you. You as a whole, everything about you makes me happy and makes me love you more and more every day. Donโ€™t stop being Danyell! Donโ€™t worry about trying to be perfect, no one is ever perfect, but worry about being yourself! Be happy, because nothing makes me happier than seeing you smile! I know I am supposed to be writing this description for the video, but nothing says I love you more than this. Oh and remember we were supposed to write love letters every 6 months? Well I am a little late, but this has taken me a while to think about. Not because it was hard to think of something to say, but to think of the right thing to say and to tell you what you mean to me. There are so many things we have done in our first 7 months (including laughing about Phil falling out of his chair at home), and I feel like I will never have a boring thing to say about our relationship. You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I am really hoping we will have many more stories to tell together. I love you more than you could ever know!ย 
— Love, Trevor

As for the video, Monday: Since we were unable to spend Easter with Danyell's family, her gift was sent to her in the mail. We then finished the week with a fun game! We hope you like the games we play, and if you think of some fun games you want to see us play, just let us know. Oh and we will be doing a race, stay tuned for details. 

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What is a weekly vlog?

Our weekly vlog videos are a compilation of clips throughout our week--clips of us learning new things, trying fun stuff, and exploring all the places! You can expect these videos to contain bits and pieces from Monday-Sunday with a new video coming out every Wednesday morning.